Fragrances for Linen


Our linen fragrances enhance all kinds of fabric with their olfactory notes, creating a sense of freshness and harmony.

head notes:

Rose Petals, Lily of the Valley, Iris

base notes:

White Musk, Cedar wood, Sandalwood

heart notes:

Violet, Vanilla, Poudrè Accord

available in the formats

3,38 fl.oz. (spray)

Fragrance for Linen

Highly effective and long-lasting fragrances

The careful blends chosen for our linen fragrances guarantee excellent quality. Their intensity and the duration of the perfume will surprise you. Once used, it is light but persistent, a delicate presence in your daily life.

Fragrance for Linen

Boxes for ideal protection during transport

Every single purchase is important for us, we want it to be protected and free from damage. Our packaging is very resistant and will protect your perfume from knocks or scratches.

Fragrance for Linen

Precise dosage with the convenient spray

Our sprays are carefully chosen. They offer the best possible diffusion of the chosen fragrance and aid rapid use. For best results, we suggest using the spray at a distance of 20-30 cm, allowing the fragrance to spread, instead of being concentrated in a single spot.

Fragrance for Linen

The various fragrances according to fabric type

We have chosen four different perfumes for linen, and each one has an exclusive and long-lasting fragrance. Sprayed daily onto clothes or linen, they create a fresh and lively atmosphere. Thanks to their sanitising action, they contribute to eliminating unpleasant odours. Delicate floral fragrances which inspire intimate and welcoming atmospheres, lending precious, intense and persistent sensations to your linens that continue even during storage or on wearing. All 4 scents evoke the fragrance of hand-washed linens. The freshness that you love to smell on your linens.

Fragrance for Linen

Suitable for linens, clothes, curtains, sheets...

Our fragrances can be used for a range of purposes: in drawers, in wardrobes, directly on curtains, on sheets, on cushions or on freshly-ironed linens. The use of delicate fragrances respects the environment and all fabrics.

Fragrance for Linen

Fragrances which do not stain fabrics

Thanks to the use of quality raw materials without the addition of dyes, Logevy linen fragrances are safe products which do not stain or leave marks. They can therefore be used on all your fabrics without the risk of damage.


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