Victor Hugo

Private Collection Sticks

Bamboo sticks of the best quality.
Thanks to their resistant and sustainable structure, once impregnated with perfume, they will release your fragrance in the air gradually and enveloping.

Starting from: 7,40

Base (Ø) x height (cm):

100 ml: 5,5 x 11,4
250 ml: 7 x 14,6
500 ml: 8,7 x 18
1000 ml: 23,5 x 11
3000 ml: 14,5 x 28

Height with sticks:
(image 1.)

100 ml: 21 cm
250 ml: 36 cm
500 ml: 51 cm
1000 ml: 51 cm
3000 ml: 67,5 cm

Number of sticks:

100 ml: 5
250 ml: 10
500 ml: 12
1000 ml: 12
3000 ml: 12


100 ml: 294,3 gr
250 ml: 606 gr
500 ml: 1,14 kg
1000 ml: 1,8 kg
3000 ml: 4,70 kg


How to best use:
The first use you insert the sticks and let them soak for about 30 minutes, then turn them over (image 2.). To feel the fragrance more intensely we recommend turning the sticks one or more times during the day. We recommend the use of all the supplied sticks with the diffuser and exclusively with the chosen fragrance.
Duration of Fragrance:
There are several factors that can accelerate perfume evaporation:
• Dimensions and temperature of the surrounding area
• Position of the perfumer
• Direct exposure to Sunlight
• Air Currents

Advice for a longer duration:
Keep away from heat sources. Purchasing a refill of the same fragrance, you can keep the level of the perfume always at the recommended height, thus avoiding that the oxygen inside the bottle increases the speed of evaporation. (image 3.)

Place the diffuser:
To allow better circulation of the fragrance, place the bottle at human height level, in the center of the room. For large rooms we recommend the purchase of two diffusers to place them on opposite sides of the room. Avoid placing the diffuser on polished or painted surfaces, on electrical equipment and on heat sources.

For an excellent diffusion of the fragrance, we recommend one or more bottles:
• Size of 100ml for room < 5 sqm
• Size of 250ml for room from 5 to 10 sqm
• Size of 500ml for room from 10 to 20 sqm
• Size of 1000ml for room from 10 to 20 sqm
• Size of 3 Lt for room from 20 to 50 sqm

Bamboo sticks of the best quality.